BES@Croxdale Haftarah Bookings

Would you like to Lein the Haftarah in the Croxdale Road Main Shul? Perhaps you'd like to do your Bar Mitzvah - or any other - Haftarah? We are inviting men to book themselves into slots on the rota below - Post Bar-Mitzvah Youth are also welcome.

Click "Book this Haftarah" for any of the available green slots below to start the process.

DateSedra/ShabbatHaftarah NotesBook
15/06/2024 Naso Already booked
22/06/2024 Beha'alotecha Not available - Bar Mitzvah
29/06/2024 Shelach Lecha Already booked
06/07/2024 Korach Haftarah for Rosh Chodesh Not available - Bar Mitzvah
13/07/2024 Chukat Not available - Aufruf
20/07/2024 Balak Not available - Bar Mitzvah
27/07/2024 Pinchas Haftarah for Mattot Not available - Bar Mitzvah
03/08/2024 Mattot-Masei Haftarah for Masei Not available - Bar Mitzvah
10/08/2024 Devarim Shabbat Chazon Not available - Rabbi / Bar Mitzvah
17/08/2024 Va'etchanan Already booked
24/08/2024 Eikev Already booked
31/08/2024 Re'eh
07/09/2024 Shoftim Not available - Aufruf
14/09/2024 Ki Tetzei Not available - Bar Mitzvah
21/09/2024 Ki Tavo Not available - Bar Mitzvah
28/09/2024 Nitzavim-Vayelech Haftarah for Nitzavim Not available - Bar Mitzvah
03/10/2024 Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Not available - Allocated by Wardens
04/10/2024 Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Not available - Allocated by Wardens
05/10/2024 Ha'azinu Shabbat Shuva - Haftarah for Vayeilech Not available - Rabbi / Bar Mitzvah
12/10/2024 Yom Kippur Not available - Allocated by Wardens