BES@Croxdale Haftarah Bookings

Would you like to Lein the Haftarah in the Croxdale Road Main Shul? Perhaps you'd like to do your Bar Mitzvah - or any other - Haftarah? We are inviting men to book themselves into slots on the rota below - Post Bar-Mitzvah Youth are also welcome.

Click "Book this Haftarah" for any of the available green slots below to start the process.

DateSedra/ShabbatHaftarah NotesBook
04/12/2021 Mikeitz / Chanukah Shabbat Chanukah Haftarah and first & last Pasuk of Rosh Chodesh Haftarah Already booked
11/12/2021 Vayigash Already booked
18/12/2021 Vayechi Not available - Bar Mitzvah
25/12/2021 Shemot Already booked
01/01/2022 Va'era Not available - Reserved
08/01/2022 Bo Not available - Pending
15/01/2022 Beshalach Not available - Bar Mitzvah
22/01/2022 Yitro Not available - Bar Mitzvah
29/01/2022 Mishpatim Not available - Bar Mitzvah
05/02/2022 Terumah Not available - Bar Mitzvah
12/02/2022 Tetzaveh Not available - Bar Mitzvah
19/02/2022 Ki Tisa Already booked
26/02/2022 Vayakhel Shabbat Shekalim Haftarah Already booked
05/03/2022 Pekudei
12/03/2022 Yayikra Shabbat Zachor Haftarah
19/03/2022 Tzav
26/03/2022 Shemini Shabbat Parah Haftarah
02/04/2022 Tazria Shabbat HaChodesh Haftarah and first & last Pasuk of Rosh Chodesh Haftarah Already booked
09/04/2022 Metzora Shabbat HaGadol Not available - Rabbi
16/04/2022 Pesach 1st day
17/04/2022 Pesach 2nd day
22/04/2022 Pesach 7th day Already booked
23/04/2022 Pesach 8th day
30/04/2022 Acharei Mot Already booked
07/05/2022 Kedoshim
14/05/2022 Emor Not available - Auf Ruf
21/05/2022 Behar Not available - Bar Mitzvah
28/05/2022 Bechokotai