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This is the 2019 CRP system (for starting school in September 2020).

If you are planning on doing CRP in 2019, for starting school in September 2020, you can register for the CRP system now. Attendance recording starts on Shabbat 4th May. The system has been reset this year - you will need to register again even if you have used this system in previous years.

If you have done CRP in 2018 (or earlier) and still require a letter or have any other queries, please E-Mail

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEING AN ISSUE WITH HOTMAIL ADDRESSES. If you sign up using a Hotmail E-Mail address, the registration E-Mails may not get to you. Please use a different E-Mail address if possible.

From here, you can register yourself as a new user of the Online CRP system. You need to register YOURSELF on this page, using YOUR name and E-Mail address. You will then be able to add the details of your child / children subsequently.

Please fill in the details below (entries marked with a * are compulsory), and click "Register". You will shortly after receive an E-Mail at the address you have given, with further instructions. If you have not received this E-Mail within 30 minutes, please contact the Shul office.

The name and address details you enter here will be included on the letter that is generated for the schools to which you are applying, so please ensure they are correct and appropriately laid out.

From 2018 onwards, cards will only be available at Croxdale OR Yavneh, depending on the siteyou set below (which can be changed at a later date if required. Please ensure you select the correct site.

Parent's First Name *
Parent's Surname *
Parent's Address 1 *
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Parent's Telephone *
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By clicking the "Register" button to sign up for CRP attendance recording at BES, I consent to BES storing personal information about me and any children who I add to the system. I also consent to receiving E-Mails relating to the CRP process, such as updates on gaps in the desk booking rota and events targeted at parents and children doing CRP. I understand that the information I enter will be present on my CRP registration cards and this information will be visible by whoever has booked the CRP desk each week. The CRP database will not be used for any purpose apart from CRP matters.

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