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This is the 2019 CRP system (for starting school in September 2020).

If you are planning on doing CRP in 2019, for starting school in September 2020, you can register for the CRP system now. Attendance recording starts on Shabbat 4th May. The system has been reset this year - you will need to register again even if you have used this system in previous years.

If you have done CRP in 2018 (or earlier) and still require a letter or have any other queries, please E-Mail

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEING AN ISSUE WITH HOTMAIL ADDRESSES. If you sign up using a Hotmail E-Mail address, the registration E-Mails may not get to you. Please use a different E-Mail address if possible.

Please enter your E-Mail address and password, and click "Login".

E-Mail address

If you have forgotten your password, please enter your E-Mail address below and click "Send Login Link". This will send you an E-Mail with a link to login to the system, and you will then be able to change your password.

E-Mail address

You can also get into the system without needing to remember your password if you have the original E-Mail you were sent when you first registered. This contains a link that takes you straight in.

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