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Welcome to the BES Online CRP system.

This is the 2020 CRP system (for starting school in September 2021).

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and the closure of our Shul buildings, it is likely that Shul attendance will not be part of the CRP process for 2020 (due to have started on Shabbat 2nd May, for starting school in September 2021). We presume this change will only be for this year, and CRP in 2021 will revert to the same as in previous years.

For this reason new signups to the BES Online CRP system are currently suspended.

The Office of the Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue are currently reviewing the existing CRP process to determine revised criteria, and once this has been finalised, the schools will publish information and forms on their websites. We will also include this in the newsletter once we are aware of it. Please do not contact the schools or BES with queries on this matter until there is a published solution. If Shul attendance is to be used, the system will of course be re-opened.

If you have done CRP in 2019 (or earlier) and still require a letter or have any other queries, please E-Mail

For information on the CRP process, please go see the CRP information document.

If you have any questions in relation to this process please EMail . The office is not able to handle any queries related to CRP by telephone.

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